This is a combination carbon monoxide detector/smoke alarm.  This inspection was done in  2016.  These units should be replaced every five years. I also found that a battery was not installed in the detector as well.  

Sealant separating at edge of roof

These are just a few examples of issues found during the course of an RV inspection.  

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This view is where the battery box is on a 0lder model Roadtrek.  The seller has modified the battery box with a metal strap and 2x6's.  The battery was loose and freely moving around in the compartment.  

Condition called "Hot Skin" of 3.1 volts on exterior of RV.   Found the cause in this case being an open neutral on the RV's Surge Guard where it had backed away from a loose terminal lug. 

Another "Hot Skin" issue found on this RV.  Over 37 volts was found on the water heater access cover and latch.  Lower voltages were recorded on door locks and cargo door latches.  The RV also had a open ground on all outlets on the RV.  This is a life safety issue that could result in a shock when touching the outside of the RV.

Hole in A/C cover on roof covered by tape

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Hole in exterior drivers side window corresponding to interior wall staining 

Here you see where water has dripped from the ice machine water solenoid on to the refrigerator plug causing arcing and if continued possible fire hazard

Note the ripple and buckling in the sidewall.   This caused an issue higher up on the sidewall.  See below

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