1.  LCI One Control:  This app works with both Google and iPhones.  It has quick links to your service, parts, and owner manuals.   Includes helpful videos for your LCI products on your RV.  Free App.

2.  All Stays: This app works with iPhones. The ultimate camping app that lets you find Campgrounds, RV Parks and related services with or without internet. Extensive map filters let you view only what you want to see.  This app has a one time fee for use.

3.  Good Sams: This app works with both Google and iPhones.   Good Sam has a lot of different services and the apps to go with them.   The apps are free but the services are not.

4.  TV Towers USA: This is both for Google and iPhones.   This app helps you find TV towers and the direction they are.   Helpful for those owners of RV owners that still point their antennas.  This app is $1.99

5.  KOA: Kampgrounds of America has their own app that is free and allows you to help locate KOA campgrounds and book online.   Available for both Google and iPhone.

6.  Murphys USA: This free app will help you find fuel stops that are affiliated with Wal-Marts.   Available for both Google and iPhone.

7.  Pilot/Flying J:  Available for both Google and iPhone.  Pilot/Flying J offers discount to Good Sam members and also offers a RV Plus Fuel card.   The RV Plus Card will allow you a discount but you can also go through the truck lanes.   The app will help you locate fuel stations and even plot your route with fuel stops.  This is a free app.

8.  Love's Truck Stop: Available for both Google and iPhone.  This app will help you locate truck stops and fuel prices.   It will also give you route guidance and help you with plotting your route.  This is a free app.

9.  CAT Scale:  Available for both Google and iPhone.   This will allow you to setup an account so you can run your RV across the scales to weigh your RV and have the weigh ticket go directly to your phone.   

There are more but these are the ones that I recommend for the folks starting out.   

Recommend APPS that I use

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